Gil training institute in collaboration with Schlumberger/NAOC and NCDMB embark on a one year journey to train interns on ‘NAOC ARTIFICIAL LIFTING PROJECT-Human Capacity Development Training Program’
At the end of the one year program, a closing ceremony discussing the Highlight of the one year program was held at Gil Training Institute Multi-purpose Hall where some of the officials from NCDMB, NAOC and Schlumberger were represented.
Some of the things discussed at the closing ceremony were the achievement of each trainee during the course of the program and opportunities which is now made available to them through this one year program.


Trainees were also awarded certificate of ON THE JOB training and competency, award were given to outstanding trainees who demonstrated good conduct during the one year program.
With the success of the program, the event ended on the note that there could be future collaboration between NCDMB and GIL TRAINING Institute.

GIL has been a major player in the HCD program based on past and ongoing exercise. We will continue to strive to sustain this performance and also enhance further improvement.

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