33kV Gas-Insulated Switchgear Successfully Delivered to a Major Oil&Gas Company

GIL Automations recently delivered medium voltage switchgear for operations at the facility of a major International Oil Company operating in Nigeria. The 6-cubicle gas-insulated, metal-enclosed, single-busbar Siemens 8DA10 switchgear has a rated voltage of 36kV, operating voltage of 33kV, normal current rating of 1250A and a short time withstand current of 40kA. This equipment represents the state-of-the-art in medium voltage gas-insulated vacuum switchgears.

SwitchgearThe full scope of the project includes:

  • review and validation of original facility drawings
  • design and fabrication of the 33kV switchgear
  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Onsite Delivery

GIL Automations has established very invaluable partnerships with reputable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for electrical, instrumentation and Automation systems equipment including transformers, switchgears, lighting system and electrical protection systems. These partnerships are easily harnessed for efficient design, manufacture and testing of sophisticated power systems and power switching equipment and for efficient project delivery to clients in various industries.

In addition to a team of expert electrical engineers and technicians specially trained for the installation and commissioning of low and medium voltage equipment, GIL Automations also has a competent logistics team to guarantee safe shipment and on-time-delivery of client items.

For more information and to request for quotes, please contact sales@gilautomation.com.


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