Certificate In Automation Training



Even though its novel, it’s no longer news that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global distortion in what we have called “normal”. It is no longer business as usual as different organizations have been forced to adopt creative ways to going about their daily activities and business processes to ensure they do not go under. Religious houses and Educational institutions have been temporarily shut down as a means of enforcing social distancing to combat the deadly virus. What does this imply for us as a business?


GTI would be migrating some of its curriculum to online platforms to ensure that our clients can still upgrade their knowledge and skillset from a safe distance. Leveraging tried and tested platforms, we would be offering the same quality trainings as our partners and proprietary courses to ensure learners get maximum value.


GTI would be adopting the use of simulators to deliver some of its automation training programmes. We are currently evaluating various system integrators to ensure we have the best possible system to deliver this.


In line with the regulations on safety, we are going the extra mile to ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all trainees and trainers, taking advantage of our sizeable learning rooms and laboratories to ensure social distancing while learning. Learning in a safe and healthy environment is our priority.

Schedules for our Offline and Online programs will be launched on all our media platforms. Let’s stay safe and keep watching this space.

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