Cost Effective Portable Gas Detectors

Cost Effective Portable Gas Detectors

The severity of a possible explosion as a result of accumulation of flammable gases as well as the threat to life due to over-exposure to toxic gases especially when working in hazardous are as are good reasons to choose an efficient mobile gas detection solution. In addition to being compliant with regulatory standards, having a reliable portable gas detection solution enhances the safety confidence of a workforce. Though there are numerous portable solutions in the market, more often than not over the years, price has proven to be a major factor for consideration in the selection of such solutions. Therefore, in order to meet the industrial safety requirements of people and processes at reasonably low cost while still ensuring efficiency, Honeywell recently introduced the BW CLIP4 multi-gas mobile detector. Besides its low cost, the CLIP4 has some unique features which are presented as follows:

  • Two (2) Years continuous run time: The two years continuous operation design prevents all forms of downtime. This implies that the Process Plants are constantly monitored for possible leakages while also ensuring the safety of personnel.
  • Low Cost: No charging or replacement of battery and sensors. Unlike most portable gas detectors that require periodic replacement of their sensors, especially the fragile Oxygen sensor, the BW CLIP4 requires no replacement or servicing of its sensors. This removes the cost of maintenance throughout its life span. Since there is no downtime as a result of charging or maintenance, the CLIP4 allows fleet reduction without compromising safety monitoring.

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  • IP68 Rating: According to IEC 60529, “Degree of Protection Provided by Enclosures” (IP Codes), the BW CLIP4 has Ingress Protection rating of IP68 which implies that the enclosure is protected from total dust ingress while the internal components are protected against immersion beyond 1 meter.
  • Monitoring Capability: The BW CLIP4 continuously monitor for Combustibles (LEL), Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). The LEL sensor is protected against poisoning.

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  • Suitable for use in Zone 0 applications. So, for optimum safety compliance at low cost, the Honeywell BW CLIP4 multi-gas detector is your best option!

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