E-House Fabrication: 5 Things to Consider

Containerization of gensets makes it easy and cost effective for power generating firms to move gensets to their customers. The house is provided for acoustical standards, out-door protection, easy transportation, and it is designed to operate in harsh weather. This provides a shortened lead time for installation and a lower cost of ownership.



5 things to consider in doing this job locally:

  1. Cost: The cost of production oversea and importation is very high. This is reduced while getting the same desired result locally.
  2. Delivery time: Lead time for production, transit and delivery is up to 5 months if the containerization is to be done oversea. This can be done in less than four weeks if done locally.
  3. Standards: Container constructed to ISO standard for containers with body made of mild steel sheet in accordance with BS4360:43A. Container body is best achieved with MIG welding and sound-proofing is achieved with non-combustible material of BS476.4 standard. Acoustical standard is achieved by reducing from over 100db(A) to 80db(A) at 1m and 75db(A) at 10m with the use of selected lagging and density. It takes expertise to achieve this international standard goal locally.
  4. Machineries: CNC machines are required for production to achieve precision and shorten lead time. CNC plasma is required to produce components such as gen-set footing AVM baseplate while side walls are accurately achieved with CNC forming machines. MIG and arc welding machines are deployed for satisfactory job delivery.

After sales service: Easy and timely access to local support is another very important reason to consider. This is another key consideration in local containerization of gen-sets.



Gil Automations has developed capability to handle this task locally. We are currently containerizing 2 units 1.75MW gen-sets for a multi-national company locally in our Lagos facility. Quality check is a routine to avoid deviations.

Visit www.gilautomation.com or Call 0700-AUTOMATION/01-440-629 today for your power canopy solutions that best meet your needs.

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