GIL Automation completes a VFD Motor Control Center for a Customer


GIL Automations is at it again. With ever increasing need for Motor Control and Drives Application, there comes an inevitable challenge of meeting and bridging these industrial needs. Aware of this fact, GIL Automation has taken the bull by the horn to deploy and proffer permanent solution to her various clients in the Oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing sectors through continuous innovation and Expertise.

This is evidence in her completed Customized solution, based on FREQUENCY DRIVES- which is a Multi-Controlled Motor Control Centre project. The Control gear, based on Schneider Electric Technology is a Type-Tested Panel, with unique features, user friendly and perfect finish.

This has been achieved through its local competence.

The Low voltage MCC was designed thanks to Schneider Electric Design Tool (Rhapsody) and assembled in-house by GIL Automation panel solution engineers and technicians who work proactively to meet the customers’ requirements in alignment with global standards.

With this Motor Control Center Panel our customers can now achieve the following task seamlessly.

  • Ability to adjust the speed for their pumps, conveyors, fans, etc.
  • Provides remote control to the pump through DCS system
  • Controlled starting, stopping, and acceleration
  • Dynamic torque control for Drives

Provides remote control to the pump through DCS system.


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