GIL Automation Completes Installation of 11kv MV and 2500A Distribution Panels

GIL Automations through its panel solutions and electrical systems department successfully installed 11kv Siemens Medium voltage panel and a 2500A distribution board for prestigious organization in Nigeria. This has been achieved through its local competence.

The Low voltage (LV) panel was designed, fabricated, assembled in-house by its panel solutions engineers and technicians who work pro-actively to meet clients’ as well as global standards. The panel was delivered, installed and commissioned at Client’s facility. The works of the Low voltage panel comes in various ways as shown thus:

  • As a manual change over between PHCN(transformers) and Generators
  • As a distribution board to feed all loads in the shippers’ tower
  • As a coupler for two in-feeds of two different networks
  • And lastly, serves for load transfer system.

The 11kV MV panel serves to feed from the 33/11kV Eko Disco centre to two 11kv/0.515kv transformers which then feed the Low voltage distribution board.

Sample pictures are shown below:

the panels
The installed LV distribution panel
The installed MV panel
The installed MV panel

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