GIL Automation is First Certified CSIA Member in Africa

csiaLet’s give a big round of applause to GIL Automation in Nigeria! Don Roberts of Exotek recently audited GIL Automation at Certification Level 1, which is for larger integrators. They are a full service system integrator serving industries such as oil and gas, food and beverage, power, water and mining.

When asked why they decided to pursue CSIA Certification they wrote: “It is part of GIL Automation’s culture to work with standards and to be recognized in our area of specialty as competent to deliver all our products and services in various industries being served. Most importantly, GIL seeks to ensure client’s satisfaction on all jobs executed. As a leading systems integrator from Africa, having CSIA will further enshrine our competence and adherence to global standards.”

CSIA congratulates all the people at GIL Automation for their accomplishment as the first African-based certified member.

Operating a good system integration company is a challenge, as all of our readers know. Running one in a country with significant political challenges makes their accomplishment even more commendable.

CSIA is proud to say that we now have certified members on all continents except Antarctica, which is not likely to ever have a member. Our hope is that all system integrators globally will embrace CSIA Certification as an industry standard and implement CSIA Best Practices to meet the standard. Certifications are important to all industries – it’s the only way for a client to know they are choosing and working with one of the most professional and capable integrators available.

Bob Lowe,
Executive Director,
Control System Integrators Association (CSIA).

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