GIL Automation Provides Faure Herman HELIFLU TZN Turbine Flow Meter

GIL Automation with years of customer satisfaction and as a partner to Faure Herman is a certified distributor of Faure Herman Heliflu Turbine Meters.

The HELIFLU TZN Flow meter is designed for high accuracy measurement of liquids: from very light LPG products to heavy crude oil. The advanced design and robust construction together with a wide range of available options enable the HELIFLU TZN Flow meter to be used in the most severe environmental process conditions. Engineered with stainless or carbon steel bodies, the HELIFLU TZN Flow meter offers an accuracy better than ± 0.15 %, even in reduced pressure situations & an excellent repeatability (± 0.02 %), making them the clear choice for custody transfer measurement.

Faure Herman TLM Helical Turbine Flowmeter EG

Typical applications are in crude oil measurement (onshore & offshore), floating & production storage units, loading & unloading at refineries, ship & tanker loading, multi-product metering from crude oil to gasoline, test separators, offshore liquid metering and chemical plants (ammonia, ethylene, propylene & acids).

Other technological features include:

  • Wide measurement range up to 30:1 turndown ratio
  • Low pressure drop & back pressure
  • Innovative design of helical profile
  • Simple, robust construction
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, high pressures & temperature changes
  • Insensitivity to density changes
  • Low sensitivity to viscosity changes
  • Optional designs for low temperature and high wax / contaminants applications.

Key Customer Advantages

  • Custody transfer accuracy
  • High stability & reliability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Wide range of viscosities
  • Linearity suitable for multi-product measurement
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Long service life: up to 100,000hMTBF
  • Use for dirty crude oil applications
  • Use for master metering calibration
  • Calibrated and optimized on customer selected viscosities.

What do you benefit buying from GIL?

GIL Automation is a channel partner for Faure Herman products.

  1. GIL sells flow meters at very competitive prices that are affordable.
  2. From past experience working with NGC, Chevron, etc, GIL provides free spare obsolescence management report for your facility based on asset audit. This will ensure a predictive spare parts acquisition and recommendations on what needs to be done on your asset as response time to breakdown will be optimized.
  3. With our local presence in Nigeria, GIL is provides life cycle support for your assets with various service level maintenance contract with good response time.

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