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GIL Automation has recently executed another Automated Tank Gauging project for an oil depot around the Ijegun Waterfront area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

This was executed in partnership with HONEYWELL whose tank gauging solutions have set the  standard for other officially approved tank gauging systems such as those approved by API, ISO, OIML, and NMI.


In the recently executed project, GIL Automation successfully carried out the following activities

  • Mounting and installation of Smart Radar Flexline for precision level measurement
  • The mounting and installation of a VITTO MTT Temperature probe.
  • Full cable tray laying along the length of the storage tank with the dressing and laying of both signal and power cables along the length of the tank.
  • Glanding and termination of field instruments on top of the surface tank.
  • Glanding and termination of both power and signal cables to junction box



The newly installed Honeywell Tank gauging systems shall be able to perform the following measurement functions:

  • Product level
  • Interface level
  • Product and/or gas temperature
  • Density measurement and density profile
  • Direct water bottom measurement
  • Vapour pressure
  • Average continuous density
  • Overfill protection


Our leverage on our partnership with Honeywell has made it easier to offer a solution that drives safety, reliability and efficiency, thus significantly reducing overall project risk, accelerating production schedules and improving business performance.

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