GIL Automation Takes Delivery of State of the Art Machineries

Gil Automation has now increased her capabilities and competence in manufacturing to international standard, with the recent deployment of the latest technologies in the production of panel enclosures, server cabinets and other metal sheet products.

The Company’s machines were procured from reputable manufacturer in Europe and personnel have been adequately trained to handle the plant. GIL Automation now has the capability to produce pieces from thicker gauges through her CNC plasma cutting machine. The fabrication workshop is an intelligent one capable of providing precise job outputs with modern CNC punching machine, bending machine and a massive Powder coating line which can handle chains of output with good surface finish without any deviation from global standard.






It is our tradition to provide systems that works and can stand the test of time and performance. Quality and precision are guaranteed with the aid of all CNC machines used in production activities. The Process QA/QC team is also engaged to ensure compliance with global safety and working standard.

As a member of Manufacturer Association of Nigeria (MAN), GIL has established a satisfactory relationship with customers both on a local and global level.

For more information about us please visit or e-mail you can also call 01-440 6296

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