GIL Automations Limited Appointed As Distribution Partner by CMP Products July 2020

GIL Automations Limited was recently appointed by CMP Products, one of the biggest cable glands manufacturer in the world as their distributor in Nigeria and Ghana with focus on project developments.

The appointment of Gil Automations is in line with the strategic objectives of CMP Products in West Africa to play a pivotal role in the future as developments within oil & gas, infrastructure, electrification and telecoms continue to accelerate.

Furthermore, revenue growth and enhanced distribution within the region is considered a priority and GIL Automations represents a compelling proposition as a result of their involvement across multiple economic sectors.

CMP Products | Cable Glands & Cable Cleats

CMP Products designs and manufactures electrical cable glands for use in industrial & explosive atmospheres. With a wide variety of electrical cable glands available to suit IEC, NEC and CEC wiring codes, these products can be used within a large number of applications – including oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, pharmaceutical, transportation and mining. Electrical cable glands can be used with a range of cable types, including armoured and unarmoured and are available in brass, nickel plated brass, stainless steel and aluminium.


Single Seal Industrial Cable Gland                         Explosive Atmosphere Cable Gland


CMP Products offers a comprehensive and diverse range of cable cleats, designed for use within industrial areas and hazardous locations. Cable cleats are available for a number of different applications such as rail, underground, oil and gas, mining and petrochemical. The range of cable cleats are designed in accordance with IEC 61914.


Cable Cleats














Cable Cleats

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