GIL Completes LPG Plant Expansion Project.

A major player in the gas sector in Nigeria contacted GIL automation with an intention of installing a propane handling unit as part of LPG Plant Expansion Project. This consist of a newly installed propane line, remote operated valves, pumps and a Jiskoot blender fitted with an RVP analyzer and and process controllers. One of the major requirements is to make use of the existing loading bays and transfer the blended product into the existing LPG sphere. All the new and existing equipment are to be integrated into the existing SCADA, without any production downtime.


GIL engineers came together to proffer a solution to the client’s requirements. One of the major challenge encountered, was integrating new equipment into a life DCS during operation. Our final solution was to introduce a controller which would handle all PHU equipment and is capable of receiving and sending status to the plant DCS via Modbus. The insight controller, the plant DCS and the newly introduced PLC were all connected to a Modbus gateway for seamless communication.

GIL designed, installed and commissioned the control system for this unit with little interference to the ongoing operation, while maintaining the SIL rating of the overall control system and putting into consideration the safety of the newly installed units.

Turnkey Project was delivered on time, on budget and without disruption to plant operations.

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