GIL completes tank farm earthing installation at Seme-Krake, Benin Republic

GIL Automations has recently concluded the installation and testing of a complex network of electrical earthing for a petroleum products tank farm at Seme Krake, Benin Republic. The project involved the design review, installation and testing of the underground network of conductors and earth pits to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel from electrical leakages, surges and lightning strikes.


The successful completion of this project highlights the ability of GIL Automations to undertake complex electrical design, installation and service contracts supporting the Oil and Gas industry as well as other clients in FMCG and manufacturing industries within Nigeria and around West Africa. It also highlights GIL’s project management competence as several stakeholders and contractors had to be carefully managed during the peak period for successful simultaneous operations.

The project involved:

  • Electrical Design Review and Verification
  • Laying of 1.5km of galvanized strips in underground trenches
  • Preparation and installation of 25 regular earth pits
  • Installation of 2 water and oil resistant inspection pits
  • Testing of the installed network to achieve a maximum resistance of 1Ω

The testing phase brought to the fore GIL Automation’s capability with respect to the use of state-of-the-art electrical testing equipment to ensure reliable and independently verifiable results and was completed using Fluke 1623-2 Earth/Ground Tester.

The entire project activities conformed to relevant local and international standards including IEEE Std 80-2000, IEEE Standard 142 and IEC 60364. Essential health and safety standards were also strictly followed, resulting in zero lost time injuries.

GIL Automations has an experienced team of engineers and technicians that can handle the installation, testing and commissioning of different electrical and instrumentation equipment in various locations including hazardous and offshore areas.

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