GIL Delivers Feeder Line Protection System

Our Success story this month comes from our panel solutions team for an Oil&Gas multinational Customer. Customer requirements include LV&MV Power System Line Protection system.


GIL designed, built and tested a line protection system with some special features, such as-

  1. During fault, the only circuit breaker closest to the fault point should be tripped.
  2. If the circuit breaker closest the faulty point fails to trip the circuit breaker just next to this breaker will trip as back up.
  3. The operating time of relay associated with protection of line should be as minimum as possible in order to prevent unnecessary tripping of circuit breakers associated with other healthy parts of power system.

Within 3 weeks from shop drawing approvals, design, build and factory acceptance tests were concluded at GIL facility in Lagos Nigeria. During the Factory Acceptance Test, there were series of functional tests carried out in accordance with IEC61439-2 requirements.

  1.  Panel power-up and fusing testing
  2.  Continuity testing
  3. Injection Tests
  4. Operating interface


GIL Automation being a certified panel builder has capabilities in building industrial panels and type tested panels (SIEMENS SIVACON LV Panels) including synchronization panel, Auto-Mains Failure (AMF), Distribution Boards (DBs) up to 7000A, Motor Control Centers (MCCs), Feeder pillars and Sub Distribution Boards (SDBs), all to international standard (IEC 61439-2) and customers specifications.

We have a dedicated  panel solution team with extensive experience in building, installing and commissioning of switchgears, control panels, industrial control panels-House solutions, Automatic power factor units, Feeder pillars and switch boards .

Simply put, we design and build anything in a box!

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