GIL Remotely Monitors Well Head Parameters In Record Time And Budget

GIL Automation was contracted by a local Oil company to provide a remote monitoring solution for their manned oil producing field. The Wellhead is located 300m from their existing telemetry node.

Before GIL RMS:

  • Although analog gauges where available, the operational implication of manual data gathering, report compilation and transmission was huge.
  • Customer couldn’t afford the HSE hassle associated with excavation for the installation of a wired transmitter
  • Customer was concerned about the high cost associated with sustaining the SIL levels with SIL rated electrical installation
  • Customer had limited budget and wanted to optimize the RIO
  • Customer wanted zero interruption to production, minimal CAPEX/OPEX, short deployment time

GIL Automations solution:

Gil Automation proposed a wireless based Remote monitoring system, that integrates a mono-transmitter (A device integrating; sensor (e.g. pressure or temperature), A/D converter, radio transmitter and long-life battery in a single compact unit) with a Field Transceiver (a compact solar-powered unit that is capable of managing data from 100+ field instrument transmitters).

Project result:

The requirements for this project was achieved by the successful installation and commissioning of one (1) RTU and sixteen (16) wireless transmitters which were integrated into the clients existing RTU via Modbus.

oppth  The real-time wellhead data obtained were made available on the clients existing telemetry unit. These data include:

  • Flowing tubing head pressure
  • Flowing line pressure
  • Annulus pressure

oppthSome of the advantages of GIL’s solution were:

  • Zero excavation
  • Independent power supply(Solar & battery bank)
  • Non-intrusive installation
  • Zero HSE impact
  • Low instrumentation cost, compared with wired instruments.
  • Speedy deployment
  • Local reading display
  • Reduced operational cost associated with data gathering and reporting
  • Open and scalable
  • Device interoperability options via Modbus TCP/IP, RS-485/serial, OPC DA
  • Data logging on removable storage

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