In our philosophy, highly-skilled, well-trained employees are the key to any organization goals.
It is their knowledge and experience that powers the development and implementation of
innovative products and solutions. As a training provider of your choice, we deliver full hands-on
courses that address all technical work scope in accordance with our customer’s needs. Having
understood the importance of a technological advancement and development, GTI has recently
invested in her automation training facilities to provide her customers with quality and up to date
training services.
Recently, the curricula of Siemens Power Academy were added to our array of courses giving you a robust and well-rounded portfolio to be selected. These training offers incorporate products and systems of the whole Energy chain, beginning with general power engineering courses over industry automation to distribution, protection and power automation systems up to
system software design – always with the focus on product-related training.

The major areas of our training capability are as follows;
General Power Engineering Courses
Power Transmission and Distribution
Systems – Load & Short Circuit Calculations
Power System Planning – Principles
Primary Technology – Distribution Systems
Switching Devices & Switchgear – Basics &
Medium Voltage Switchgear – Engineering
and Application
Secondary Technology – Protection Systems
SIPROTEC 4 – Secondary Testing with the
DIGSI 4 – IEC 61850 Configuration of
Substations and Devices
Secondary Technology – Substation
Automation Systems
Substation Automation Equipment: 10 days
Certificate Program for Installation &
Industry Automation – Simatic S 7
SIMATIC S7 Service and Maintenance
SIMATIC S7 Programming Course

Automation Courses
Certificate In Automation Engineering
PLC Programming, Troubleshooting &
Maintenance Using Allen Bradley PLCs

Instrumentation Courses
Instrumentation, Maintenance & Calibration
Safety valves, Pumps and Compressors:
Selection, Operation & Maintenance
Mechanical Courses
Pneumatics & Hydraulics System:
Operation & Maintenance
Engineering Design Software Courses
Power Systems Engineering Using ETAP
SmartPlant Instrumentation for Users
Electrical / Power Courses
Transformer & Switchgear-Inspection,
Installation, Testing & Maintenance
Electrical Troubleshooting & Repairs –
Using Electrical Schematics Diagram
High Voltage Power Systems: Safe
Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Operation & Maintenance Courses
Substation Operation & Maintenance- Inspection,
Testing and commissioning of Electrical
Switchboards, Circuit Breakers, Protective Relay,
Cables PLCs
Fire & Gas Detectors and Analyzer- Installation,
Operation & Maintenance
Courses For Leads, Supervisors & Managers
Technical Report Writing
Project Planning, Scheduling & Cost Control

These courses aim at providing introductory knowledge (for graduates) and in-depth knowledge for professionals, experienced engineers, technicians, supervisors and other personnel with
good understanding of the basics of these courses. It also targets development of Subject Matter Specialist within Nigeria and Africa. GIL Training Institute aims at bridging this gap for starters, intermediate technical personnel and skilled professionals through our series of public training
classes. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the content of the training courses. We look forward to meeting you at one of our training sessions.
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