GIL Wins Brewery Multiyear Instrumentation Support Contract

GIL has successfully secured a major Instrumentation support contract with one of the top multinational breweries in Nigeria.


This project will involve GIL performing scheduled measurement and instrumentation support services across multiple breweries across the country for a number of years.

This project also buttresses our wide reach in Nigeria, outside the Oil&Gas industry. We will be leveraging our multiple support bases in Port-harcourt and Lagos for simultaneous site/team support.

To deliver this multi-location support, GIL personnel will be mobilizing our state-of-the-art calibration equipment and tools, especially our mobile calibration workstations.

GIL excellent working relationship with clients and her reputation as well as her capabilities in executing local measurement and instrumentation projects, has helped in the award of this contract. Moreover, the contract will be executed with the highest level of quality and quick turnaround time which is a hallmark of GIL’s success story that has spoken volume of our project execution throughout our client’s base.

From, Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature, and Electrical measurement instrument sales and support, We can also meet your calibration challenges and offer cost effective solution to all areas of your metering and instrumentation works and projects.

Please contact your GIL account manager or email to setup a free consultation and site visit.

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