GIL EGINA Team Onsite Goeje, Korea

Hello from Goeje Island, South Korea! Following the successful completion and export delivery of the HULL and TOPSIDE ICSS Marshalling Cabinets for the on-going TOTAL EGINA FPSO project, GIL team are currently onsite in Korea carry-out final hook-ups and tie-ins onboard the EGINA FPSO project .

GIL staff members on the day of arrival

These cabinets range from complex marshalling cabinets for process control systems (PCS), fire and gas systems (FGS), process shutdown systems (PSS), Emergency shutdown systems (ESD) to the more complex field termination assembly cabinets (FTA).

About to get started.
About to get started.

To complete onsite tie-ins and modifications, GIL selected seven (7) personnel, engineers and technicians alike, in the modification process.

Work scope review with Honeywell/TUPNI staff members in OB warehouse
Work scope review with Project members in OB warehouse


Toolbox talk in OB warehouse
Toolbox talk in OB warehouse

We wish our team the very best onsite and hope they learn some Korean language before returning to Nigeria!

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