KIDDE ADS™ Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems – Distance is not a Barrier!

Kidde ADS TM Clean Agent Fire suppression system is an innovative advanced delivery clean agent fire suppression system developed to provide fire protection for larger enclosures requiring longer agent flow distances.
The ADS with its patented-technology of “piston flow” feature, has the capability of delivering greater mass flow rates (2.5 to 3 times faster) than a standard clean agent system (ECS FM-200 and ECS NOVEC-1230). This innovation allows networking of longer pipe runs in complex configurations with smaller pipe sizes for protection of larger hazard areas.
With Advanced Delivery system support of Nitrogen at 1800 psi and Maximum design flexibility, Kidde ADS systems can protect hazards at 180Ft away for FM-200 and NOVEC-1230.
Kidde ADS systems have some rare qualities that have made it perfect suppression system for below applications:
 Server Rooms
 Process Control Rooms
 Data Processing Areas
 Electronic Switch Rooms
 Battery Rooms
 Large Manufacturing Complexes
 Telecommunications Facilities
 Internet Hosting Facilities

These very rare qualities include:
 Maximized uptime i.e. minimized downtime in fire event
 Environmentally friendly agent
 Clean agent – No left behind residue
 Agent safe for occupied spaces
 Distant storage space
 Complex pipe network
 Central storage for ease of maintenance.
 Protection of multiple hazards from common cylinder bank
 Lower overall installed cost

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These characteristics allow the ADS System to be a virtual “drop-in” replacement for existing Halon 1301 systems. Most installations will require only new nozzles and agent storage cylinders and can use most of the existing pipework—providing substantial savings when retrofitting existing systems.
Have you been thinking of protecting your multiple hazards with common bank of cylinder, think no more, the solution is now available with Kidde ADVANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM. Just have a look below what Kidde ADS can do for you!
Do you also know that with KIDDE ADS, No residue is left after discharge and none of your equipment
will be tainted?

For Single Hazard Also? Yes, Kidde ADS do not discriminate sizes or number of enclosures!

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KIDDE ADS cylinder with N2 Pilot!
The good news is that GIL Automations as a certified distributors of Kidde Fire systems have complete solutions for Kidde ADS systems. From Specification, optimized design and flow calculations to installation, commissioning and Life cycle support, we will deliver.
Why not contact us @, so we have this solution delivered for your HAZARD protections!

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