Kidde Fenwal: A Smart Choice in Special Hazard Fire Protection

These days, business applications require a special approach to fire protection that accommodates every peculiar hazard application. Kidde Fenwal offers a unified total system solution that starts with early fire detection and ends with quick fire protection using proven technologies.

Kidde Fire Systems (Kidde Fenwal) offers a comprehensive set of detection, notification, suppression and control products that can be adjusted to fit specific applications. Typical applications are found in Cement Plants, Clean Rooms, Control Rooms, Data Processing, Commercial Rooms, Petroleum Oil and Gas (POG), Power Generation and Records Storage.

GIL Automations is an authorized distributor for Kidde Fire Systems (Kidde Fenwal) and has been certified to design, install, and maintain all Kidde Fire Systems products. GIL Automations has the direct support and assistance of the Kidde Fenwal factory, located in Ashland, MA USA. The products include:

  • FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems & Air Sampling Smoke Detection
  • Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Systems & Argonite Fire Suppression Systems
  • High Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
  • Conventional Detection and Control Systems
  • Intelligent Detection and Control Systems
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
KIdde Fenwal
KIdde Fenwal




the panelsWhy GIL?

 At Gil, safety is our watchword, we think of fire before it starts, provides solutions at affordable cost.

For highly efficient Kidde-Fenwal products at cost-effective prices, e-mail: or call 0700-AUTOMATION/ 01-440-6296

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