Now in Stock at GIL Automation – The New HERMetic UTImeter Otex

HERMetic UTImeter Otex is a Honeywell Tank system’s portable electronic liquid level gauge, designed to operate under open conditions on petroleum storage tanks where open gauging is permitted. The unit is used for custody transfer and temperature verification, inventory control measurement and oil/water interface level detection on storage tanks.


What Is It?

HERMetic UTImeter Otex enables three (optionally four) measurements in a single operation:

  • Ullage level
  • Temperature verification
  • Oil-water interface level
  • Innage/reference height (Visc Version, Innage level = Reference height minus Ullage level)


Four different versions are available:

  • HERMetic UTImeter Otex – comes with 1″ sensing probe and FKM gaskets for main hydrocarbon applications (standard version)
  • HERMetic UTImeter Otex Visc – comes with 2″ load on the sensing probe and is recommended for highly viscous products. The additional load permits a manual detection of the dip/ datum plate for reference height measurement and consequently, innage calculation.
  • HERMetic UTImeter Otex with French plate – comes with special base plate for fixation of the unit on still pipes with up to 6-iInch inner diameter.
  • HERMetic UTImeter Otex with pipe clamp – enables fixation on pipe wall or big hatch wall.

How Does It Work?

The sensor of HERMetic UTImeter Otex is calibrated once at the factory and does not require subsequent calibration. The temperature probe is an RTD element. The characteristics of the RTD are stored inside the sensor. The sensor sends true temperature values to the electronic box. Therefore, changing a sensor or a tape does not require a new calibration.


The unit is resistant to corrosive liquids with appropriate gaskets and O-rings and does not experience temperature drift or degradation of sensitivity due to the sensor’s aging. The HERMetic UTImeter Otex is set on the open gauging hatch and the base plate represents the zero ullage base.

HERMetic UTImeter Otex complies with:

  • ISO, API, IP
  • EC Directive 89/336/EEC
  • EC Directive 94/9/EC

Available approvals and certificates include IECEx / ATEX / FM Approvals / NEPSI / GOST-R.


What Problems Does It Solve?

​ Ensures accurate manual level gauging, temperature and ullage level measurement and oil/water interface detection. It permits verification and calibration of fixed level gauging systems. In addition, its modular design lowers maintenance costs for users. The instrument offers high accuracy and stability as well as high repeatability of measurements for level and temperature in a single operation.

Is your petroleum storage facility equipped with a portable electronic liquid level gauge?

 GIL Automation in partnership with Honeywell provides HERMetic  UTImeter Otex  also ready for local delivery upon order placement. For your quick response quotations, e-mail or call 01-4401-440 6296 or 0700-AUTOMATION

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