Power Factor Correction Solution For Energy Cost Reduction

POWER FACTOR is the ratio between the useful (true) power (kW) to the total (apparent) power (kVA) consumed by an item of a.c. electrical equipment or a complete electrical installation. It is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is converted into useful work output. Most loads in modern electrical distribution systems are  inductive (e.g.  motors, transformers, gaseous tube  lighting ballasts, and induction furnaces .

gilnewsletterThe analogy above better describes Power Factor.

When apparent power (kVA) is greater than working power (kW), the utility must supply the excess reactive current plus the working current . You can improve power factor by adding power factor correction capacitors to your plant distribution system since they act as reactive current generators in the system.

gilnewsletter The reduction is achieved usually by the connection of Power factor panel in parallel with the loads which in turn reduce the load current, energy consumption and reducing the electricity bill.

The improvement of power factor is very important for both industrial load and generating stations.

If the consumer improves the power factor, then there is a reduction in the maximum kVA demand and consequently there will be annual saving due to maximum demand charges. Although power factor improvement involves extra annual expenditure on account of p.f. correction equipment, yet improvement of p.f. to a proper value results in the net annual saving for the consumer.


This is where we come in. GIL Panel solutions team have deep experience in design and delivery of Power Factor Correction solutions to industrial cutomers. We have helped lots of our customers reduce losses within their network and improve energy efficiency. We will be glad to conduct a no-cure no-pay appraisal of your facility to determine the solution that works just right for you.


We are proud to have seasoned and competent engineers who provide turnkey solutions to your industrial electrical and automation needs..


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