Product Review: SIEMENS 3VA Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)


Circuit breakers are one of the most important protective components used in safely switching power off in order  to protect cables, electrical devices and industrial plants in case of faults such as short circuit or overloads.

These electrical faults can pose risks of fire, potential electrical shocks to personnel and cause damage to equipment. In other to effectively curb these, One of the breakers we use and love, is the 3VA Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) which guarantees precise detection and response, and significant energy cost savings.

The 3VA MCCB has also been efficiently designed to provide reliable overload protection, instantaneous tripping in case of short circuit and protection against ground fault leakage. With the increasing complexity in engineering technology, the improved Siemens 3VA MCCB is a sophisticated, modular system that is available in various designs of up to 630A and can be installed in even less space compared to other conventional circuit breakers.

The 3VA MCCB are in two new series- 3VA1 and 3VA2 ranging up to 630 Amperes


Areas of application? Endless! 3VA MCCB is best used for low-voltage power distribution in buildings, infrastructure and industrial applications to contribute to higher energy efficiency and most of all, protect lives and properties from the adverse effects of electrical faults.

Need one? please contact us at or call +17139044600(USA); +234(0)1-440-6296(Lagos); +233 312 002 249(Ghana).

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