Pump Distribution Panels Delivered to Oil & Gas Customer.

GIL panel solutions team this month delivered additional turnkey deliver (design, manufactur and test) of  multiple pump distribution panels for one of its highly revered clients for deployment in downstream fuel stations across the country.

The operation philosophy of the pump panels is to supply power to the dispenser systems-which entail the card which is supplied by three UPS systems and a group of five submersible pumps. There is also the small lighting and power distribution part for supply of power to various parts of a fuel station.

pump panelAll design, fabrication and factory testing was done by GIL panel solutions team.

GIL Automations has achieved this feat by virtue of its team of highly trained, competent and committed engineers and technicians working tirelessly to meet globally accepted/clients’ standards.

Recently, GIL procured additional steel fabrication machines such as plasma, folding, powder-coating, CNC punching machines etc. Most of these have been installed in our facility and now help us serve our customers quicker and better.

pump panel1

All steel works can now be done in-house by highly experienced personnel.

Need a complete panel or a junciton box?  please email sales@gilautomation.com or call 0700-AUTOMATION/01-4406296


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