Raising a new Breed of Local Automation Techies

Fellow Professionals,

On behalf of all of us at GIL Automations, I welcome you to our official blog.

At GIL, we don’t only do Automation, we love Automation. Our very existence is born out of the need to meet the demands of industrial plant and factories that seek a trusted partner in ensuring that their systems work safely and optimally, while they focus on their production and bottom-line. There is a growing need to maximize productivity, to lead through technology and to provide real time information for decision making from plant floor to board rooms.

We have coined this need into our vision. All of us at GIL Automations work passionately to be our client’s best partner in providing systems that work. We want to be your partner in ensuring that your plants and control systems run safely and optimally.

I am passionate about education for the next generation of Automation Engineers.

pssxWe have come up with a whole new strategy aimed at creating a new breed of Automation techies  that will understand your requirements and provide the needed local timely support. Through this blog, we will share videos, case studies, white papers, webinars and interviews that will enlighten you, our customers to make more informed decision regarding your plant safety and optimal operation.

Thank you for joining me in our pursuit for excellence.

One right step at a time, we will get there.

Lawal Gbolahan

CEO & Founder








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