Safety Checks on Switchgears.

Ever heard of switchgears?

A Switchgear system is combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Basically, Switchgears offer protection and isolation to circuits and equipment when there is electrical fault.

Hence, with the increasing need in providing dependable and efficient electrical protection solutions, GIL Automations is well capable and experienced in designing, fabricating, installing and performing relevant industrial standard tests on Switchgear systems in meeting client’s requirement.

switchSwitchgear protection plays a vital role in power system network; it is applicable in every aspect of an Electricity grid, right from the generation to the transmission and distribution sections.      Apart from clearing electrical faults they are also applicable in metering and regulating various electrical power parameters in a network system.

Switchgear panels include electrical devices associated with control, metering and switching of an electrical power system such as circuit breakers, current and voltage transformer, protection relay and electrical switch.

Furthermore, GIL has the technical-know-how in performing power studies on the grid using the ETAP software which would help to efficiently and accurately determine the best switchgear design required.

To this end, GIL offers a full range of switchgear installation and upgrade services including:

  • AC and DC High Potential Testing
  • Cable Testing
  • Functional Testing of Switchgear components
  • Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Protective Relay Testing and many others.

We also have a well-equipped workshop to repair or upgrade MV and LV Switchgears

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