The New GIL Smart Feeder Pillars

GIL Automations through its engineering team has successfully delivered an 800A SMART FEEDER PILLAR PANEL. It is a state-of- the-art technology that uses GSM network for its complete automation in respective of the distance involved.

This was a customized solution by GIL expertise to our client in the power sector to checkmate tariff defaulters by isolating the defaulted area so that others can remain in service using a simply dialing the feeder pillar phone number. The 800A smart feeder pillar was designed, fabricated, assembled in-house by Gil engineers and technicians who work pro-actively to meet clients’ as well as global standards.

The scope involved Detailed Engineering design, Fabrication, Assembly, installation, commissioning and training. This solution came handy in resolving issues of non-tariff payment, power theft because of easy access to conventional feeder pillars, so it is a dual purpose pole mounted panel.

This panel with perfect aesthetic finish and a suitable Ingress Protection rating makes its application environmental friendly. This is just the one side of Energy Automation by GIL Automations.


feeder pillarFor more information about our products and services contact us on or call 0700-AUTOMATION/01-440-6296 you can as well e-mail


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