The New Hirschmann MACH 4000 Industrial Switch

The new MACH 4000 Gigabit switches and routers offer maximum transmission rates in the backbone area where many networks are linked. The switches in the MACH4000 family can be used in all networks where large bandwidth and versatile routing functions are required. This applies to factory automation, where secure connections between production and corporate networks are needed – in the automotive area, for example – as well as to rail transport (for networking management, control and security systems, etc.).

With its modular, stackable system, the latest MACH 4000 generation provides maximum performance in the industrial backbone: Up to 48 GE ports and 3 x 10GE ports speak for themselves and assure fast switching in the industrial ETHERNET. The new MACH 4000 family is available in various versions to meet all requirements: From 24 GE ports up to 48 GE ports or additionally with 3 x 10GE ports. All of these are packed into a compact chassis that offers a high port density and modularity in a minimum of space

Ethernet is also becoming the standard in the shipping industry, where compact backbone systems are in demand. In addition, the MACH4000 family is certified for maritime applications by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). The switches are therefore ideal for use on oil platforms, where they can be employed to set up Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) or connect support systems.

feeder pillarFinally, the MACH4000 switches are ideally suited for power transmission and distribution, wind farms and solar power plants backbone systems.  It also has Robust and compact housing (480 x 88 x 435 mm) and High resistance to shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference

GIL has delivered several hundreds of MACH4000 units across Sub-Sahara African region within the last four (4) years while also providing back-end support to customers. We help you get the complete business solution for your network.

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