TOTAL/EGINA FPSO Topside ICSS Cabinets Final Delivery

GIL Panel Solutions team have completed the second batch (Topside) of the ICSS Egina FPSO Marshalling cabinets same way they successfully delivered the first batch (Hull Marshalling cabinets). The Cabinets were assembled based on all processes ranging from PCS, FGS, PSS to ESD systems.

The project lasted over one year and involved over 100,000 Systems Engineering manhours. The project scope consisted of HULL & TOPSIDE cabinet’s assembly, testing and delivery.


The assembled cabinets underwent a series of tests during the factory acceptance tests (FAT). These tests included:

  1. Visual/BOM verification tests.
  2. Continuity tests
  3. Relay tests with 24Vdc supply
  4. Power up

All these achievements came about by carefully following all critical processes involved in the cabinets’ assembly process.

Such processes as:

  • Marking out on the mounting plate: This is carried out with the most accurate and precise measuring devices. This is done either with mounting plate installed or removed.
  • Mechanical installation: All mechanical items e.g. cable trays, cable ducts, din-rails etc.
  • Component fixing: All components to be wired in the panels will be mounted first.
  • Wiring of components/devices: All components like PSUs, diodes etc. will be connected with cables of different sizes and codes.

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