Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Vs Orifice Plate

Gas flow measurement devices used for measuring the volume of gaseous fuel like natural gases and Liquefied Petroleum gases unlike An air flow meter is a device that measures air flow, air flow meters are simply an application of mass flow meters for a special medium. This meters are used at residential, Industrial & commercial buildings.

Gases are more difficult to measure compare to the liquids, because of some environmental factors like temperature and pressure.

A number of gas meters are in use, depending on the volumetric flow rate of the gas to be measured, the rate of flow anticipated, the type of gas to be measured and some other factors.

This kind of gas flow meters are commonly used in some companies like The Nigerian Gas Company a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Gaslink Nigeria Limited



The diaphragm gas meter is one of the most common and oldest natural gas meters. The development of this device in the 19th century was pivotal in the natural gas industry’s success as it created a reasonably priced way to charge the end user for their energy use. Diaphragm meters are found mostly on residential properties and light commercial buildings. This type of meter measures the quantity of natural gas the user consumes so that the gas distributor can bill for it.



Rota meters are highly machined precision instruments capable of handling higher volumes and pressures than diaphragm meters. Within the meter, two figures “8” shaped lobes, the rotors (also known as impellers or pistons), spin in precise alignment. With each turn, they move a specific quantity of gas through the meter.

GIL Automations Limited Partners with Honeywell to support customers with Elster rotary gas meters, the following benefits of the elster rotary meter:

  • Greater range ability than other meters
  • Significant reduction in device inventory
  • Increased maximum operational pressure
  • Low pressure drop, enabling flexibility in station design
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduction in hazardous noise for safer operations
  • reduction in piston speed for longer asset life
  • Simple installation & Commissioning etc.

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Turbine gas meters infer gas volume by determining the speed of the gas moving through the meter. Because the volume of gas is inferred by the flow, it is important that flow conditions are good. A small internal turbine measures the speed of the gas, which is transmitted mechanically to a mechanical or electronic counter. These meters do not impede the flow of gas, but are limited at measuring lower flow rates.



An ultrasonic flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound to calculate volume flow. Using ultrasonic transducers, the flow meter can measure the average velocity along the path of an emitted beam of ultrasound, by averaging the difference in measured transit time between the pulses of ultrasound propagating into and against the direction of the flow or by measuring the frequency shift from the Doppler Effect.

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What is orifice plate? This is a device used in measuring flow rate for reducing pressure or for restricting flow.

An orifice gas meter consists of a straight length of pipe inside which a precisely known orifice plate creates a pressure drop, thereby affecting flow. Orifice meters are a type of differential meter, all of which infer the rate of gas flow by measuring the pressure difference across a deliberately designed and installed flow disturbance. The gas static pressure, density, viscosity, and temperature must be measured or known in addition to the differential pressure for the meter to accurately measure the fluid. Orifice meters often do not handle a large range of flow rates.

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These kinds of flow meters use a converging section of pipe to give an increase in the flow and equivalent pressure drop from which the flow rate can be construed. They have been in use for many years, especially in the water supply industry. Venturi meter has an advantage over the orifice plate in that it does not have a sharp edge which can become rounded; however, the Venturi meter is more prone to errors due to burrs or deposits round the downstream (throat) tapping.

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Flow Switch Sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate have different types of switches, which are paddle, thermal, piezo, and shuttle/piston.


GIL Automations Limited in collaboration with our technical partners supports our customers with design and specifications for flow meters as per customers’ requirements.

We also provide primary and secondary calibration services for flow meters. Our calibration procedures are in line with ISO 17025 requirements. We are certified by local standard boards and we provide primary metering systems for proving meters and for calibrating measurement devices. Our magnetic flow meters provide flexible configurations for industrial use in most areas.

Our procedures comply with the American Petroleum Institute (API) Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards

(MPMS) guidelines, especially such as:

  1. Gravimetric Method API MPMS 4.9.3
  2. Master Meter Method API MPMS 4.9.4
  3. Water Draw Method API MPMS 4.9.2
  4. Calculation of Petroleum Quantities API MPMS 12.2.2
  5. DPR Guide 2.5.3

We offer on-site and in-house flow meter calibration for a wide range of petroleum-based products, up to 5000 liters per minute. Our truck-mounted volumetric proving vessels are available for on-site flow meter calibration of light petroleum products and some chemicals. All proving vessels are traceable to NIST and re-certified yearly. Calibrations are performed according to NIST Handbook 44 guidelines.

We have prover tanks from Seraphinn in US for range from 500 litres per minute up to 5000 liters per minute. Our Offshore skid has a prover tank (primary standard) and a master meter (secondary standard) on board in line with DPR requirements.

Some of the equipment we certify includes:

  • Flow meters (PD Meters, coriolis flow meters, turbine meters etc.)
  • Metering systems such as provers (using master meters and provers), custody transfer meters etc.
  • We also lease our equipment for mobile offshore use.

We have deployed Laboratory information management system (LIMs) to meet the requirements of our clients.

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