Automotive engineering is a very dynamic and future-oriented market that demands a great deal from developers. In ever shorter periods of time, they have to provide fully functional solutions for series production. Typical examples are heating circuits, SCR systems for exhaust gas purification, the management of hydrogen/fuel cells and numerous other applications in the field of electromobility.
Since valve technology, sensors and electronics need to work hand-in-hand in these cases, Gil Automations in partnership with Burkert offers its services as a full-range supplier and
competent development partner. Product diversity, system technology experience, flexibility and a sophisticated platform concept can shorten development times for individual solutions in the
automotive sector.

valve2Prime examples include application-specific MSR modules for dosing and temperature control,
equipped with position, pressure and flow sensors which the fluid expert has developed in close
cooperation with its customers. In terms of heating management, for instance, energy efficiency has been noticeably improved by means of various temperature zones and the targeted use of heat losses. For SCR dosing systems, there is a platform that can be individually adapted to a wide range of performance classes. The system specialist boasts all the necessary production technologies, such as metalworking, plastics technology and control cabinet construction, in-house. This increases efficiency in the development and production process, while Bürkert’s valve technology also ensures efficient solutions in electro-mobility.

Application-specific complete systems for mobile applications: An efficient network design is only
possible if valve technology, sensors and electronics are fully coordinated. (Source: Bürkert)

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