An Overview of GIL Industrial Control Panels Capabilities.

whats-in-a-box4Panel Solutions Division is a Portfolio in GIL Automation, wholly dedicated to design, fabrication and assembly of Automation, Electrical and Control panels with unparalleled level of expertise and professionalism.

As a competent and reliable partner to leading original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), GIL Automation, offers a complete range of comprehensive designs of
Control panels built on Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider Electric, GE control platforms. GIL also has technical expertise in Low voltage Electrical Distribution boards through the use of technical design software to provide consistent solutions as required for electric power distribution in Commercial building, Industries, Oil & gas Sectors etc.

Based on our multi-industry presence, we know the needs of your working environment and your daily business. We give flexible and high quality support, which empowers our customers to produce more efficiently. Some of our unique capabilities include

Panel solutions Portfolio of GIL Automation build and assemble industrial Control Panels of the following types through Tested Innovations.

  • PLC/SCADA Panels
  • Junction Boxes
  • Automatic Main Failure Panels
  • Synchronization Panels
  • Main Distribution Panel
  • Bus Sectionalizer Panel
  • Motor Control Centre

In harmony with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), we build and assemble all types of Electrical Switch board to ensure durability of the switchboard, operational safety, Reliability of Supply and proper load management. We comply with appropriate international standards.

We adopt a ground up approach to the provision of flexible custom control panel solutions for a variety of applications. Our expertise is embodied in our capabilities to effectively take-on every step of the control panel fabrication process, be it procurement, fabrication and assembly, component sizing and selection, mounting, testing and commissioning.
Our growing project delivery successes are achieved through our step-wise development process outlined below:

  • Customer specification: The development of your customized solution begins with consultancy services, during which thorough analysis of our clients’ requirements and specifications is done.
  • Preliminary Solution proposal: We proceed to develop a technical and commercial proposal that best matches those requirements.
  • Specification and design phase encompasses the development of detailed engineering works, including creation of parts lists, drawings for customer approval, project schedule planning taking account of supply-chain procurement times, and detailing and approval of cost calculations by client.
  • Manufacturing caters to actual procurement of necessary parts, mounting and assembly of panel components.
  • Inspection, Acceptance and Logistics ensures all produced control panels are compliant with necessary standards.
  • Internal inspection and functional testing (in the form of Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)) is performed at our world class staging facility in collaboration with the customer to ensure the “as-built” condition of the panels are in total compliance with the objectives set at the commencement of the project. All necessary documentation is also provided.
    On successful completion of FATs, we proceed to designing appropriate panel packaging and final delivery to clients’ site.

Our vision at GIL, is to be your best partner in providing systems that work. Please contact us today (sales@gilautomation.com) for all your panel solutions need.
Also, please download a copy of our technical brochure to know more about our team.

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